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Perfect stocking stuffers: David Feiling's “be_clean” handmade soaps

SAN DIEGO -- David Feiling has successfully integrated holistic health and beauty at Double D Salon in Hillcrest since 2007.

A talented cosmetologist, Feiling also offers various types of massage, as well as services like hydrotherapy and nutrition counseling, all at an affordable price.

When he can break away from his busy schedule, Feiling spends time in his garage/workshop perfecting his own scents through the process of saponification.

That is, he literally makes soap.

The origins of soap-making trace back to ancient Babylonian times. While the chemistry elements have largely remained the same, most soap produced these days is no longer made by hand.

Feiling’s interest in the artistic process stems from his holistic health training days, which included the study of herbs and aromatherapy.

“I wanted the oils and lotions I was using to be my own, so I could fully understand the ingredients in order to discuss them with my clients,” he said.

Through a trial-and-error process, Feiling perfected his own therapeutic muscle rub – knot_out – as well as body lotions. Most recently, he launched his be_clean soap line. He explains that part of the draw is being able to create an original product by adding certain oils and herbs.

“This is where I can really make the products mine,” Feiling said. “Here I get to be creative and choose the therapeutic approach if that is my desire. Or in the case of the soap line, celebrate the holidays.”

Feiling captures the scents of fall and winter with Fall Foliage, Harvest Spice, Country Apple and Torrey Pines, which Feiling creates by using local pine, rosemary, sage and eucalyptus.

"We always had these scents going in some form or another at my house when I was a child," Feiling said. "They remind me of the holidays, with the exception of the Torrey Pines scent, which is made of all oils of indigenous plants in the Torrey Pines area.”

Soap without additives and chemicals tends to have a more positive effect on skin, leaving it soft, refreshed and free of that icky residue feeling that many generic soaps tend to leave behind.

“All of my products are made entirely from natural ingredients, using pure 100% essential oils and organic herbs,” Feiling said.

Currently the complete line of be_clean soaps and lotions, as well as the knot_out theruptic muscle rub, is available at Double D Salon, 3956 First Ave. in Hillcrest.

To learn more about Feiling and his holistic and beauty services, visit him online or follow him on Facebook.

Appointments can also be made online, via Facebook, or by calling (619) 322-7558.

Whether it is for a loved one or for you, there is plenty of time to purchase a one-of-a-kind gift to enjoy day after day.