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Must-have gifts for jet-setting holiday travelers or always on-the-go young professionals

The holiday season is here and in the spirit of things, I thought I would compile a list of holiday gift items for the young professional on the go.

This year, instead of heading straight to my Northern California hometown of Lodi, I am taking a detour through San Francisco prior to being consumed by the madness that is my "beautiful crazy" family.

I am excited about this little jaunt through San Francisco because my favorite season really is winter – and this city really has a better feel for the season - unlike San Diego.

Winter is really the only season where I can layer and accessorize to my heart's desire. The year round denim cut offs and flip-flops can get a bit too redundant. Winter allows me to show off my rare sexy and masculine side.

Here are some great gift ideas for your favorite jet-setting yo-pro:

Johnny Walker Black Label

Whiskey, bourbon, scotches? Who cares what the blend is, it’s the taste that matters.

Winter reminds me of sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping on a nice neat glass of Johnny Walker Black label. Yes, vodka is the drink of choice for the summer, but branch out and try the darker blends this holiday season.

These darker blends have a smokey, spicy subtleness that will give your cold body that perfect warmth. Top it off with a splash of cola to ease you into it. If someone asks, it’s a Scotch-blend; aged 12 years.

750 ml bottle available at BevMo, $28.99

Headband Audio Beanie

The only thing I dislike about going to the snow is wearing the ugly hats and beanies that don’t allow one to show off their hair. While heading down the slopes or trying to ignore the kids running around the airport, this 100% wool head-band has built in headphones. Sexy hair not included.

Headband Audio Beanie available at Burton, $51

Timex Gold Core Digital Watch

Vintage doesn’t always have to be expensive. One of the few accessories guys often take for granted is the watch. Who has time in the morning to put on the damn thing, when we have our latest smart phones in hand? This beautiful watch will complete any look this winter without the hassle of trying to get reception.

Timex Gold Core Digital Watch available at Urban Outfitters, $48

Hunter Boots

Say goodbye to water-drenched flip flops and dripping wet pant cuffs with these timeless and celebrity favorite Hunter boots. From Kate Moss to Angelina Jolie, these boots are unisex and come in a range of colors. Keep your goods dry this season with these made-for-walking lifesavers.

Hunter Original Rain Boots available at Bloomingdale’s, $125

Jeff Koons Limited Edition Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter

One of the drawbacks of the holiday season is dry skin. Keep your epidermis hydrated with this limited edition, luxuriously scented cream formula from Jeff Koons, that is light on the skin, yet rich in hydration.

This luscious body butter isn’t only helping you, but helping others as 100% of its profits go to The Koons Family Institute, which is an initiative of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC). Giving back never felt so smooth.

Jeff Koons Limited Edition Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter available at Kiehl’s, $35

Fossil Bag, Jackson Leather Duffel

Leave your gym bag at home and travel with style this year. This perfect carry-on is not your typical man bag - simple sleek and ample is written all over this duffel. Wear it over the shoulder as you wave goodbye to the TSA agent after pat your down.

Fossil Bag Jackson Leather Duffel available at Macy’s, $198

Marc Jacobs "Bang"

If I smell your Abercrombie cologne one more time, I will revoke your gay card! By now I hope you gays know the difference between your Winter/Fall and Summer/Spring colognes. This new cologne by Mr. Jacobs is surrounded by defiant Winter/Fall aromas, including woody notes such as white moss, black, pink and white peppercorn. Smell you later.

Marc Jacobs "Bang" 1.7 oz. available at Sephora, $55

Ricky Cervantes is an LGBT and Chicano community activist who dabbles in flag football, music, and writing - especially through his Tumblr blog, "Pura Vida." Originally hailing from Lodi, Ca, Ricky moved to San Diego in 2006 to attend San Diego State University. He is now working on a masters degree from National University in Social Transformation & Community Development. He hopes to use his education and experiences to empower the next generation of LGBT activists to take leadership roles in the community.