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Gay Mormon social network Cor Invictus to launch

Set to launch in the immediate future is a social network focused on the gay and lesbian Mormon community.

The website will offer advice, counseling and a safe online community for gay and lesbian Mormons.

The site is called Cor Invictus, a Latin phrase that loosely translates to “Unconquered Heart.” It differs from other online communities for gays and lesbians of the Mormon faith by being open to all, no matter the individual’s current standing in the LDS church.

At first glance, the site seems fairly standard, offering chat, profile pages, groups and all the other standard social networking mumbo jumbo. However, the site also offers an Advice Section that gives a voice to all sorts of leaders with varying views.
For example, some people may wish to stay faithful to the Mormon Church, while others simply still value some of the Mormon standards and wish to find some of them in a partner. This “advice” section offers help for both groups and will be seen as a support group to many.

While suicide for GLBT individuals has been a constant issue in today’s society, Cor Invictus plans to play a helpful role in the prevention of gay and lesbian individuals taking their own lives.

“The first step to helping people is letting them know they are not alone. We hope to accomplish this and many other things with this Website,” said the website owner, who wishes to remain anonymous. “Awareness is always the first step to correcting a problem.”

While awareness may be the first step, it doesn’t always appease everyone. The website owner has admitted to encountering a fair share of critics early on in the process of launching the project, yet the individuals behind the site remain optimistic.

“It’s about helping people. We will eventually require a paid membership, mainly to help fund local community projects. We want to be in a position to help people in need. It’s just another feature of the website we have in the works. We want to help change the public opinion about gay Mormons.”

For more information about Cor Invictus, click HERE.