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Five easy ways to let your date know you're interested

Dating is not easy in the 21st century. But here are five tips on how to let your date know that you really are interested.

1. Look your best. Wear something attractive that compliments your personality and style. Be sure to groom and wear an appropriate scent. Looking your best on your date sends out a positive message that you are interested.

2. Use your body language. Sure, dates can be nerve wracking, especially when it’s with someone you really like. But simple gestures such as a smile or eye contact will definitely express how you feel. Remember, your body language plays an important role in communicating how you feel without saying it in words.

3. Make a connection. Ask questions about your date, such as hobbies, passion or even family, which will lead to a discussion. But don’t forget to reciprocate their openness and share something interesting about yourself too! By engaging each other, it will show your genuine interest in getting to know your date.

4. Turn on the charm. If you’re date has a great sense of humor or nice smile, don’t be shy to let them know! Respond with positive affirmations, such as a flirty laugh or pay compliments on your date's great traits. By making your date feel special, you are letting your feelings show.

5. Get to the point. Once all things are said and done, nothing beats asking them out on another date. Remember pointers in the conversation of things or places they enjoy. This can be a great opening for a second date. Whatever you choose, make sure that it will make a lasting impression on both of you. So go for it!

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