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Pop Op: What is really relevant?

Ah Pride! This year, more than ever before, it seems like I have all kinds of options, requests and opportunities to go to Pride celebrations than ever before. From San Diego to New York and many places in between, everyone talks about how their pride is better than the next.

Consequently my girlfriend Jenni was in town Pride weekend with a very different agenda from me … she was here for a Twilight convention. Just like comparing prides (only in this case it was vampire pride versus gay pride) we got into a little game of mine’s bigger than yours as we kicked off the weekend… and it got me to thinking; does size matter?

Game on

My LA Pride weekend kicked off with GLAAD’s TGIF event (that’s Thank GLAAD It’s Friday) at Eleven and while walking there with my friend Ryan, my game of "mine’s bigger than yours" began with my friend Jenni when I sent her a text asking how her weekend was going so far. She quickly responded that she and her friend Anna had already been shopping on trendy Robinson Blvd. and they had bought three pairs of Christian Louboutins. I couldn’t beat that, but I did point out that they should stop by the GLAAD event because Jackee' Harry of 227 fame would be in attendance.

“We are rolling on the floor laughing that she is going to be there,” Jenni responded. “But we have reservations at Koi and the paparazzi are going to be there, so we aren’t leaving until we see a celebrity.”

The reality of the situation

I was trying to up my game because Koi is definitely a hot spot for star sightings, so I decided to call in my own up-and-coming celebrity Marcellas Reynold. He was fresh off of filming his first movie and I figured he could bring some star power to my Friday night. However, the lure of Jackee' was not enough to get him there as we started up a rather public conversation on Twitter.

“The rumors are not true. I am not Jackee Harry nor am I her illegitimate son given up for adoption between seasons 2 & 3 of 227,” Marcellas proclaimed for all the world to hear.

And I did a little IMDB research so that I could point out, “Bitch! We know you weren't born in the summer of '87! Now where I can drunkenly run into you tonight?”

Hey now

I think I stopped watching The Real World somewhere around the time it no longer seemed relevant, which was way before it ever made it to San Diego. That’s why I was surprised when I pointed out a cute guy at the GLAAD fundraiser that my friend Steve instantly recognized at Mike from the Washington D.C. edition of The Real World. My friend Ryan agreed that he was cute and before I knew it, we were making plans to move on to our next destination with Mike and his group of friends in tow.

As we were leaving Eleven, though, I was thrilled to bump into Jackee’ and upon seeing her she shouted out her trademark, “HEEEY!”

Of course I quickly handed Ryan my Blackberry so that he could snap a picture of me with her and she delightfully grabbed me and hugged me for the picture which totally made my day.

However, as we made our way down the street, Mike asked me a question that was like a dagger through my heart, “Who was that? Should I know who she is?”

“She was famous for a show that was on before you were probably born,” I said bluntly as I looked at him. “You need to recognize your elders!”

Rumor has it

As we walked two blocks to H Lounge - a straight hot spot that was doing a very bad job of posing as a gay club for Pride - I texted my friend Jenni to update her on the star power we had picked up along the way.

“I googled him, he’s cute,” Jenni responded quickly. “But Rumor Willis just showed up here, there is no way we are leaving now. This is getting good!”

Flipping out

For the most part, H Lounge was a bust, and by that I mean overpriced drinks and Andy Dick was passed out in the corner. I didn’t bother updating Jenni about his presence or the bar, because really, any bartender should know the first rule of bartending is when Andy Dick walks into your bar, you don’t serve him a drink. Ever.

Things did get significantly more interesting when Mike pulled Ryan and I downstairs to a VIP area where we were needed to play a round of flip cup. I may be years out of college but I can play drinking games with the best of them and I was leading off for our team against Ryan who was a rookie to the game.

What I didn’t immediately notice was that we had joined Lance Bass’s little party in the VIP area and he was on the opposing team.

After winning round one, I texted Jenni the latest update on the progress of my night and she quickly replied, “Oh shit, you totally win. He’s actually still kinda relevant!”

Measuring up

Jenni may have declared me the winner on Friday night, but in reality, she got to meet the cast of Twilight over the weekend … which is something - I am not sure what - but it’s something and they are definitely bigger names than Lance Bass, Andy Dick, Jackee' Harry or Mike from The Real World.

The thing is, what makes a night out, or a pride celebration, or anything special - are the memories you have of it when it’s all said and done. You can start all the rumors you want and snap all the photos you can but the reality is, recognizing what is going on around you and most of all having a good time. Don’t flip out over who’s night is bigger or better. Size doesn’t matter … what’s relevant is how good of a time you have and the stories you have to tell afterwards.

Travis D. Bone is a Los Angeles based writer and a graduate of the University of California at San Diego. After spending 13 years in San Diego where his journalism efforts earned him a San Diego Press Club award, he took his chances on moving to Los Angeles to become a television writer. Now he’s working in finance for a studio, so that didn’t turn out quite the way he expected. On the upside he’s still writing, still single and still living it up splitting time between Los Angeles and San Diego. In short he’s got a lot of stories to tell.