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Pop Op: Pre-White Party jitters

God help us all, I am going to White Party for the first time in seven years.

The thing is, I am very excited to go because it will be the first time I have ever done anything like this with a boyfriend. It's great knowing I am going to be dancing with my man all night long, but I’m still nervous. I am a bit of a rookie and Nick’s a pro when it comes to White Party and I want things to be perfect in every way.

It got me to thinking; at White Party where this year's theme is "Electric" ... will the sparks still fly?

Meet the in-laws
So Nick's friends Aaron (aka "Trixie") and Jose are joining us for the festivities and as a possible preemptive strike, he decided to introduce us all via a group email on Facebook. Fortunately for Nick, we all hit it off very quickly. Unfortunately for him, we all had access to Facebook mail to continue messaging one another and get seriously snarky while he was stuck working.

After catching up on a full day's worth of sarcasm and wit, Nick proudly proclaimed, "I'm scared about how my BF and BFF's are getting along without me."

To which I quickly responded, "You should be scared about when we all gang up and turn on you!"

The electric company
I will be the first to admit that I have never done a whole dress-up thing for White Party. With that said, Nick was very into the idea of this year's Electric theme and with my experience putting together Halloween costumes, I was sure I could put together something suitable for us to wear while Ke$ha was performing...

Unfortunately, I could not find light-up bottles of Jack Daniels, so we settled on battery-powered light-up wire for our little White Party arts and crafts project.

However, with time ticking down, there was no sign of our order in the mail. Nick was getting the feeling that our online source was more of a scam than a store and I was afraid that any chance to light up the night had blown a fuse.

Ask the expert
It's not every day you get a celebrity stylist to go shopping with you, but lucky for me I am friends with Marcellas Reynolds and he was helping me prepare for White Party by looking my best from head to toe. Since I had a three-day weekend for Easter, we made a whirlwind trip to San Diego that included stops at Bourbon Street, Martinis Above Fourth and The Gossip Grill, among other things.

Of course we made the rounds shopping and while we were looking for the perfect sunglasses to wear to a pool party, Marcellas was recognized by one of his many fans. I don't know if it was for his appearances on Big Brother or for any number of fashion specials he's done for E!, but his fan wanted to make sure he knew she took fashion seriously...

"My kid's name is Armani," she proudly declared and then owned it by adding, "Yeah, I went there."

White hot
I feel like a virgin (yeah, I went there) going to White Party for the first time with a boyfriend. Even though I know my dance card is full, I feel like there is all kinds of pressure on me to bring my "A Game."

From hitting it off with his friends to wearing the right clothes and even more important - looking good in them - this is becoming stressful…

What I need to do is remember who’s brought me to the dance, and that would be Nick. I don’t have to impress anyone else and all I have to do is worry about having fun with him. If I can pull that off, his friends are sure to love me and thanks to my personal shopper I am pretty sure I will look like a star in anything I wear!

Travis D. Bone is a Los Angeles based writer and a graduate of the University of California at San Diego. After spending 13 years in San Diego where his journalism efforts earned him a San Diego Press Club award he took his chances on moving to Los Angeles to become a television writer. Now he’s working in finance for a studio, so that didn’t turn out quite the way he expected. On the upside he’s still writing, still single and still living it up splitting time between Los Angeles and San Diego. In short he’s got a lot of stories to tell.