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Pop Op: Priceless

Far too often I hear from my friends in San Diego, “LA sucks! It’s so expensive! When are you going to move back?”And of course I have no intentions of moving back.

As far as I am concerned I get the best of both worlds; the fun and excitement of LA and quick getaway weekends to San Diego whenever I want. Now in these tough economic times when everyone is trying to save a dime (I am saving for flights to Chicago to see my boyfriend) I am left wondering…can you really put a price on a good time in LA?

Hard times

Okay, I’ll admit it. I am cheap and I am a fan of pre-drinking with my friends. Bars in LA are on to that and the most popular place to be on a Saturday night, Here Lounge, has decided to kick off the evening with a two hour open bar to get the party started. That’s right, from 9 to 11 p.m. we can pre-drink for free at one bar in LA.

So it never shocks me when I get a text from my favorite couple, Ryan and Laurence, asking “Hey, are they doing that open bar thing tonight? The Senate is voting on healthcare and we think we’re gonna need a cocktail.”

“Of course,” I responded. “I’ll drive so I can stop drinking at 11 and not have a hangover for volleyball in the morning!”

Creatures of the night

Whether I am in San Diego or LA it’s rare that I go out for a night and not run into someone I know. I wasn’t shocked at all to run into my friend Annie who I had gone to happy hour with the night before (she left early to go see New Moon) and of course I knew I would have to hear all about it.

I took a big drink of my vodka tonic. “How was the movie?”

“I should never go see a movie after happy hour!” she replied. “I was too drunk to pay attention the first half and too worried about having to pee to enjoy the second half!”

Everyone has a price

While Ryan, Laurence and I were enjoying our drinks we noticed one of the many go-go boys working the crowd. He had an unbelievable body. Apparently he noticed our stares and eventually came over to say hello.

I figured I could find a video or two featuring him online and so the first words out my mouth were, “What’s your name?”

“Riley Price,” he said, obviously using his porn star name. “Are you guys going to be here for a little bit?” We nodded yes and he quickly added, “Great, I will be right back!”

And before we knew it little Riley was on a box across the bar from us. “I thought he said he would be right back,” Ryan said as we watched Riley shaking his ass across the bar. “I thought this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Ryan’s boyfriend Laurence smiled, “A go-go boy trying to play you? Imagine that!”

Bring in the backup

The night was rolling right along and we were all having a good time but our friend Steve was noticeably absent- which was very unlike him. Of course we were all waiting for the right bait to lure him out and fortunately for us his favorite go-go boy walked in and we all whipped out our phones to update him Gossip Girl style.

All four of us fired off the same text simultaneously, “Kris with a K just walked in and he’s got a bag of underwear with him.” The response was almost immediate, “Son of a… I will be right there!”

Time to call it quits

So the drinks had been flowing, Steve showed up to ogle Kris while Ryan, Laurence and I were keeping our eye on Riley who wasn’t too shy about showing off one of his best assets…then something strange (well strange for a go-go boy anyways) happened. He pulled his shorts up.

“Oh for crying out loud, pull your shorts back down and show some ass, those things look like granny panties now,” I yelled over the booming dance music.

Laurence looked at me and smiled, “Subtle much?”

“Was that my outdoor voice?” I asked as Ryan, Laurence and Steve all nodded yes.


So what is the price of a good time? Not much to tell you the truth. In the case of this night it was less than ten dollars (if you count tips and a couple of bucks going in Riley Price’s underwear). But here’s the thing- It’s not about how much you spend to go out. It’s about whom you are with and making the most of a good time. You can’t put a price on that.