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Just a Brit of a change…

Still to this day, I believe I was born in the wrong part of the universe. However, had I not been born in the UK, I wouldn’t have that adorable British charm.

Nevertheless, I always knew America was the country for me.

So, at 22 years of age and after having graduated from a University in Manchester, UK, the opportunity came around for me to travel to the "Land of Dreams" back in March of this year. Three months in North America would most likely be the best experience of my life so far, so I obviously grabbed it with both hands. I travelled aboard the Amtrak from east coast to west coast with nothing but a bulging backpack and an open mind.

I embraced both society and culture in every city and state I visited. I suppose it was my subconscious that was judging each place as to where would be best for me to live. The decision was made easier when I arrived in San Diego.

I had discovered a new website whilst in New Orleans in which a local would "host" me on their couch. At first, the idea of staying with a complete stranger without having met them first was slightly off-putting. But at the same time, I was hearing rave reviews from fellow travellers who had used this website so I felt more than reassured. Eventually, my Piscean curiosity got the better of me and I started getting to know someone via the website a month before my arrival.

After just three weeks, it was clear that I had made the right decision. Friendly people, blazing sunshine and fun-filled nights were my experiences of San Diego. Not only that, I had noticed that everyone seemed to be happy and content in their jobs. There seemed to be a positive, upbeat attitude and the possibilities seemed endless. I think it was love at first sight, and not only with the city, but that’s a whole other story!

Going home was a challenge.

But cut to six months later and I’m back with a smile on my face and an appetite for more, pursuing my passion for writing and solidifying my own life here. San Diego has welcomed me back with open arms; I’m just hoping my stay can quickly become permanent.

As I now search for that special employer to sponsor me and enable me to extend my stay, I’m learning to occupy myself in my free time. A running group to keep me in shape, a job with a potential sponsorship at the end of it, writing for the fabulous SDGLN.com about endless, exciting topics, (not to mention a lucky gentleman who I was able to win over with my oh-so-polite accent) have all kept me going.

I’ve been back only five weeks and feel I have taken in so much already (large quantities of alcohol included) … and can only imagine what San Diego has next in store for me.