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Blurbs from a breeder: I’ll buy you a diet coke if you have my baby

Jay was a gay teenager born without the filtration system that separates thoughts from statements. One day, as we were eating frosting packets from the local mall’s Cinnabon, I caught his eyes drifting toward my lower body. Fearing that Lake Oswego was about to lose its singular homosexual, I asked Jay why his eyes were burning a hole through my jeans.

‘Tis the season for parties

Before the Christmas season came I was actually quite worried that there wouldn’t be very many parties this year because people seem to be in such an economic crunch. I was wrong.

Filth2Go: December 19, 2009

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than my annual trip to the UK for a week of theatre. To kick things off, my first story is about Pamela Anderson. Huh? It's true - when the annals (or anals) of British theatre are compiled, a tiny footnote will be about the "Baywatch" beauty's debut on the legitimate stage in a production of "Aladdin".

Pop Op: Priceless

Travis Bone wants to know- what is the price of a good time?

Just a Brit of a change…

After just three weeks, it was clear that I had made the right decision. Friendly people, blazing sunshine and fun-filled nights were my experiences of San Diego.

Holidays, and Hillcrest, through the eyes of babes

He was seeing Hillcrest the way a child sees and remembers Christmas, except it was in the form of the drag queen we passed on our walk and a leather whip at The Crypt.

Filth2Go, December 11, 2009

Kellan Lutz was almost involved in yet another gay scandal - this time, at the hands of his own brother. It all happened while Lutz was filming in Portland, Oregon.

Scorpio rising

My views, even when they are poorly stated, always come from an underlying commitment to make a difference, and a ferocious desire to see our grassroots organizations win.

Blurbs from a Breeder: It’s Raining Gingerbread Men (Hallelujah)

“Ladies and gentleman,” he said proudly. “What we have accomplished here today exceeds all gingerbread themes from holidays past. Although Courtney’s gingerbread strip club complete with licorice poles is still noteworthy and will forever hold a place in our hearts, today we have created meaning out of frosting and candy by addressing the difficult issues facing the gay community.”