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Pop Op: A Valentine's Day massacre

As you might recall I wrote a column that ran right before Valentines Day about my plans with Nick to spend the weekend in a cabin in Illinois hunting with his Corgis... and yes, there were going to be guns too. Well our plans got derailed and our romantic Valentines weekend got moved to San Diego.

Pride tickets go on sale

The San Diego LGBT Pride festival is coming up quickly and along with it are some special ticket prices.

Bry: My mother’s best lesson

A Women's History Month story: Think Auntie Mame on steroids, and you would have my mother -- a woman who told me I could succeed in a male-dominated world.

On the fast track to a major milestone

My friends and acquaintances that are younger than me, especially my gay male friends, seem to look at 30 as sort of the end of life. They can’t fathom being such an age and sometimes speak about my turning 30 in sort of a friendly “I feel sorry for you” type of way. I’m not ready to join the AARP just yet.

Czyczynska: The heart of San Diego can be found in the women

I’ve been reading the newly released survey titled “The Economic Self-Sufficiency and Security of Women in San Diego County: Exploring Opportunities for Impact”, it is the first-ever, wide ranging study of the financial health of San Diego females.