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Shop Here: Top ten San Diego malls

Lucky for us, this trendy city of ours came equipped with a handful of top-notch malls: upscale, outdoors and each reflective of San Diego’s hodgepodge of personalities. The pressure for us fashion-conscious folks eases away around here, where not a single shopping sprint is without gorgeous views and sun-drenched walkways amongst the finest designers.

New 'Do: Top ten San Diego hair salons

Whether or not we choose to admit it, we all put our hair on a golden pedestal. As much as we value the flawless hairstyle fashioned to epitomize our personality, we’re all perpetually cautious towards those whom we allow to tame our tresses. And why shouldn’t we be? The relationship with your stylist is completely crucial to hair happiness.

Life with Benny: My personal crusade through the fear and stigma of HIV

Even though Benny has been an gay activist for his whole adult life, HIV/AIDS was a constant cloud floating around his head and his heart until just a few years ago, in large part due to the teachings of his youth. He now stands strong in the fight for greater awareness and against the social stigmas that stifled him for years.

Do dry cleaners really take women 'to the cleaners'?

They got the best cleaning experts to air all their dirty laundry. Find out why women pay more, secret ways to save, which clothes you can really just wash yourself, and why organic is the most misleading word in the business.

Digital to Analog: How to get from website to first date

It's easy to start up a conversation or even continue one for weeks behind the security of a computer screen; but what does it take to move that same conversation to face-to-face?

COMMENTARY: Grace, gratitude and my big, gay Thanksgiving prayer

As I prepare to pray at a table filled with queer folks, I almost wonder what we have to be thankful for at all. Almost. When I read the headlines, I get discouraged. But they only tell a small part of the story. The truth is, I can find a hundred examples from the last year that show me that grace is real, and that hope still has a place.

VIDEO: Local woman to give back to her beloved gays with "Hot Mess" event at Rich's, to benefit AVRC

Wife and mother Cali Griebel, who has become a beloved figure in the LGBT community in the short time that she has been a part of it, is excited about her newfound passion as activist. Her work with the recent Matthew Shepard rally inspired her to do more, so she decided to start by giving back to the community that has welcomed her with open arms.