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Popular Opinion: Here's to Comebacks

The second biggest news I heard recently is that Heather Locklear is returning to Melrose Place. What’s the biggest piece of news, you ask? That I have been asked by SDGLN.com to write a column again.

The funny this is that it was three years ago this month when I penned my last column and moved to Los Angeles with the hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry. I am proud to report that I am currently working for a big entertainment company (note: I am working in finance... so right company, wrong job). But at the same time, I've been feeling restless. You can only imagine how excited I was to grab my laptop and dive into writing a column again. With déjà vu on the TV screen and me writing a new column, it got me to thinking...

Doesn't everyone like a good comeback?

At the Center of a Circus
I don't go to a lot of concerts but recently saw Kelly Clarkson and Pink- and then had a free ticket to see Britney Spear's Circus come my way. With comebacks on my mind, seeing Britney in concert after all the insanity she's been through seemed fitting. Walking up to the Staples Center I couldn’t help but notice when traffic on the street came to a standstill as an ambulance came blazing by, sirens blaring.

"Please say Brit didn't O.D. before the show!" I said mockingly to my buddy Steve. "Comeback fail?"

"Oh my God, that would be so redic!" he responded.

"You think Jordin Sparks would still open if it really was Brit in the ambulance?"

Steve smiled, nodded. "The show really must go on."

Fashion Don'ts and Do-Overs
Fashion comebacks are one thing I have never understood. If you would have told me the 80's and neon were going to make a comeback I never would have believed it. However, walking by the Diesel store at the Beverly Center I see that “day glow” is indeed the new black.

Since I know nothing about fashion I decided to talk to my favorite celebrity stylist and Big Brother alumni Marcellas Reynolds about what trends were making a comeback. He obviously had TV on the mind.

"Mad Men is hot right now,” he said, noting the retro-esque casting. “ No blacks, no jews and one gay.

“As for fashion, it’s all about dressing like a man. More specifically, dressing like your dad if he came of age in the 50s and hit his stride in the 60s. Pocket squares, skinny suits, dark thin ties, highly polished shoes."

Then he confirmed the most fabulous thing that should make every drag queen happy, "If you’re a woman it's all 80s. If you aren't working a severe shoulder pad ala Krystal Carrington or a sequined something reminiscent of super fag designer Nolan Miller you are out of style"

“So are you going to let me name your column like I did last time,” my sassy friend Alex said to me while taking a drink of his beer at Powerhouse in San Francisco.

It was Folsom Street Fair weekend and we were playing butch to the best of our abilities. Several drinks and no column title ideas later Alex and I were back to our old games (and arguing over something that will surely come up in my next column).

"Oh yeah," I said, half rolling my eyes at the suggestion. I was slightly fed up. "You can just shut the hell up Alex."

"I can put up or shut up, but when I look at you I throw up," Alex sassed back.

"That comeback was popular when your Mohawk was in style."

"I actually channeled it through my Mohawk," he said with a smile. "Thank you very much."

My life is a circus and the show must go on. I am still writing away, getting it in front of the people who need to see it. I know my break is coming. Sometimes it just feels right to go back to something comfortable, whether it’s playing dress up or falling into old patterns with your friends. The most important thing about making a comeback is finding a way to put a new twist on it. For me it’s a new city and adding whole new collection of friends to the cast of characters in the adventure that is my life.

So here’s to comebacks. Go out and find something you haven’t done in a while and see if it still fits, you might just find you forgot how much you missed it!