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Get Back to Fabulous in Hillcrest!

San Diegans are encouraged to come back and support the Hillcrest businesses they know and love.

As restrictions limiting which businesses can operate begin to be lifted, the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) is encouraging San Diegans to "Get Back To Fabulous" by supporting the Hillcrest businesses they know and love. While everything isn't completely back to normal yet, Fabulous Hillcrest is ready to Get Back To Fabulous!

Hillcrest is known for its diverse collection of unique shops, restaurants, and entertaiment venues, most of which are locally owned. These businesses are the backbone of Fabulous Hillcrest and with restrictions on their operations in place for nearly two months, they need the support of the community now more than ever.

Many locations even have Curbside Pickup Zones. Customers can simply call or visit the website of their favorite business to place their order, pull up to the "Curbside Pickup Zone" in front of or near the establishment, and a staff member will bring their order right out to the car. The list of open businesses below notate which establishments participate in the Curbside Pickup Zone program.

Parking restrictions have also been loosened throughout the City of San Diego through May 31 and are currently operating on a "Sunday schedule" which means that parking meters are not being enforced, yellow zones are available for regular parking anytime, and green timed zones aren't in effect. Parking is a breeze!

HBA has put together a list of ways that the community can be supportive of Hillcrest's businesses during this time:

  • Order your dinner directly from neighborhood restaurants. Below, we've included a list of restaurants that are still open (and it’s growing every day). When you order directly from a restaurant rather than using a third party delivery app, you keep more of your money local while supporting your favorite businesses.
  • Max out your tips. Remember that many restaurant staff are struggling now and over tipping is a great way to show your support and appreciation. And remember, many people working in neighborhood restaurants are at greater risk of exposure. If you have the means, please consider a higher tip!
  • Visit your local Farmers Market. The Hillcrest Farmers Market is open again after a brief hiatus. By stocking up for the week at the market, you support family farms and have access to safe and fresh produce. Find our more and get a look at this week’s vendors at www.hillcrestfarmersmarket.com. The market also includes a Senior and Disabled Priority Line which will be available all day for those over 65 years of age or with disabilities. Look for signs at the entrance of the market. 
  • Use the hashtag #getbacktofabulous. Share the Get Back To Fabulous message so Hillcrest can get back to business. Use the hashtag #getbacktofabulous and spread the word!

Get Back To Fabulous on Washington Street

Copper Top Coffee and Donuts – 101 W Washington St.
Panda Express – 120 Washington St.
Blazzin Buffalo Wings & Tenders – 120 Washington St.
Bronx Pizza – 111 W Washington St.
CVS - 313 Washington St.
The UPS Store - 302 Washington St.
Unleashed – 308 Washington St.
Dunkin Donuts – 409 Washington St.
Los Panchos – 441 Washington St.

Get Back To Fabulous on University Avenue

Little Nap Café – 142 University Ave.
Edible Arrangements – 141 University Ave.
Bread and Cie – 350 University Ave.
Peet's Coffee – 350 University Ave. Suite D
Luna Grill – 350 University Ave. Suite A
The Asian Bistro – 414 University Ave.
Gilbert’s Shoe Repair – 441 W University Ave.
Ecstatic Premium CBD Station – 451 University Ave.
Perlman Clinic – 3900 Fifth Ave #110
Taste of Thai – 527 University Ave.
Hillcrest Newsstand – 529 University Ave.
Hillcrest Smoke Shop - 141 University Ave.
Natural Style Chicken – 501 University Ave.
Ever Bloom Fresh Flowers – 508 University Ave.
Uncle Biffs – 650 University Ave.
GNC – 658 University Ave.
Five Guys – 670 University Ave.
Lawrance Furniture – 633 University Ave.
Chipotle – 734 University Ave.
Fedex - 734 University Ave.
Better Buzz – 801 University Ave

Get Back to Fabulous on Fifth Avenue

Corner Cafe 3614 Fifth Ave.

Common Stock 3805 Fifth Ave.

Huapongos 3693 Fifth Ave.

Deli Llama 3702 Fifth Ave.

Bahn Thai 3766 Fifth Ave.

Hillcrest Sandwich Shop 3780 Fifth Ave.

Starbucks 3801 Fifth Ave.

Hiro Nori 3803 Fifth Ave.

La Vecindad Neighborhood Taco 3827 Fifth Ave. Pick Up Zone 

Breakfast Bitch 3825 Fifth Ave. Pick Up Zone 

Nurimart 3854 Fifth Ave.

Retail Tandori Hut 3890 Fifth Ave.

Parma Cucina Italiana 3850 Fifth Ave. Pick Up Zone 

Natural Style Chicken 501 University Ave.

Chcolat 3896 Fifth Ave.

Snooze AM Eatery 3940 Fifth Ave. Pick Up Zone 

India Palace 3960 Fifth Ave.

Pho Fifth Ave 3807 Fifth Ave.

Blue Stocking books 3817 Fifth Ave. Retail

Hash House 3628 Fifth Ave.


Get Back to Fabulous on Fourth Ave.

Cabais Mexi- Deli 3952 Fourth Ave.

AHF Pharmacy 3952 Fourth Ave. Retail

Two Paddles Fish & Grill 3923 Fourth Ave. Pick Up Zone

Subway 3886 Fourth Ave.

Poke  Chop 3884 Fourth Ave.

Hong Kong Restaurant 3871 Fourth Ave.

The Studio Door 923 Fourth Ave. Retail & Pick Up Zone

Arrivederci 3845 Fourth Ave.

Index Urban 3833 Fourth Ave.

Babycakes 3795 Fourth Ave. Pick Up Zone

Green Fresh Florals + Plants 3785 Fourth Ave.

 The Skin Clinic 3737 Fourth Ave.


Get Back to Fabulous on Robinson Avenue

Einstein Bros. Bagels - 420 Robinson Ave.

Roberto’s Taco Shop Hillcrest - 420 Robinson Ave.

Veribest Cleaners - 419 Robinson Ave.

Crest Cafe - 425 Robinson Ave. Pick Up Zone

Jamba Juice - 510 Robinson Ave.

Rite Aid - 535 Robinson Ave, San Diego, CA 92103


Get Back to Fabulous: Hillcrest Curbside Pickup

As we return to normal life, there are many ways to support local Hillcrest businesses. Fabulous Hillcrest and Access Hillcrest have installed Curbside Pick Up Parking Zones throughout the neighborhood so you can easily pick up what you need! Check out the list of pick up zones below or keep an eye out for the colorful signs!

University Ave:

Fifth Ave.

Robinson and 4th

Visit fabuloushillcrest.com for more information and to see updates to this list as they become available.