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This Week Is ‘Crucial’ for San Diego's Virus Fight, Scientist Warns

This is a do-or-die week in San Diego for fighting the coronavirus here, and it’s crucial for everyone to stay home, says a local scientist whose stark warning about the potential for catastrophe spread across social media on Tuesday.

“There are going to be a lot of people carrying and shedding the virus sometime this week … Taking everything together, this is a terrible week to be around other people,” wrote Forest Rohwer, a scientist who studies viruses at San Diego State University, in an email to colleagues that spread beyond the college community to websites like Facebook and Reddit.

Rohwer, who studies viruses in people and in the ocean, didn’t intend for the email to reach the public. “It was just for academics in my lab, honestly, to tell them what it looks like and where we’re at,” he said. But he’s happy to elaborate on why he thinks the next few days are so important in the battle against the coronavirus in San Diego.