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BBC hires its first correspondent for LGBT news

Ben Hunte has become BBC's first correspondent for the community and he says it's "a dream come true."

Originally from BBC Africa, Hunte also hosts What's New a children's program on that network. 

His new position will begin in January. 

"I'm delighted... and I am looking forward to finding and telling stories from the LGBT community," he said. 

Parents complain about UK teacher who also does drag

A private school teacher in Lound, Suffolk is making a little extra money as a drag queen, and some parents had concerns about it according to New Now Next

Andrew Livingstone, 39, also goes under the stage name Miss Tish Ewe with the tagline “The bitch with the itch.”

Nicole Murray-Ramirez: "Let us never ever forget"

Let us never ever forget that 20 years ago on this day, Matthew Shepard, A young student at the University of Wyoming was beaten, tortured, and left to die

This week marked the 20th commemoration of the torture, lynching and ultimate death of Matthew Shepard. The 21-year-old was tied to a barbed wire fence and left to die on a cold Wyoming night. 

Nicole Murray-Ramirez, Queen Mother I of the Americas, has released a special message on this day of remembrance.

Public restroom orgy leaves parkgoer "horrified"

A man in Edinburgh, Scotland was surprised by what greeted him and his nephew in a public restroom last Wednesday; a 12-man orgy. 

The encounter took place at a place called The Mound when the man, only identified as a "grocer," walked into the bathroom with his six-year-old nephew and saw a man “crouched down at another’s groin” while the others masturbated.