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200-year-old diary sheds new light on what ordinary people thought of homosexuality

200 year-old diary sheds new light on what ordinary people thought of homosexuality.

At first it doesn't seem that an everyday farmer's diary from 1810 could possibly hold any insight into homosexuality and tolerance, but researchers from Oxford University studying one such book have discovered some people were making a case that being gay is a natural human trait. 

"Flash" star Rick Cosnett comes out publicly

"Flash" star Rick Cosnett comes out.

This is probably one Valentine's Day actor Rick Cosnett won't ever forget. He came out as gay on Instagram in a video he posted on Friday. 

 “Hi everyone,” he says smiling into the camera followed by silence. “Dramatic pause," he continues, "I’m gay. And I just wanted everyone to know because I’ve made a promise to myself to live my truth every day.”

Colorado umbrella brigade shields out homophobes

A Colorado comic book store owner came under fire from noisy militant protestors after he started a monthly family-friendly drag show, but supporters reigned supreme with a colorful wall of umbrellas. 

Driver delays passengers, refuses to operate bus with Pride colors

Passengers using the Norwich England public transit system were delayed getting to their destinations after their driver refused to operate a bus he felt encouraged homosexuality.  

The driver who has not been named turned off the vehicle's engine mid-route and addressed the riders about his decision, “This bus promotes homosexuality and I refuse to drive it!”