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The tower of Hillcrest is called Аврòрa, but don't call it a hotel

The tower of Hillcrest is called Аврòра.

The skyline in the heart of Hillcrest is pretty unremarkable and it has been that way for some time. In fact, there are a lot of people who wish to keep it as low-key as possible objecting to projects that go over a certain height of say, a palm tree.

Desmond is Amazing says he was attacked in NY subway

Desmond is Amazing was attacked by an angry critic in NY City subway station.

Tween drag superstar Desmond is Amazing took to social media and YouTube on Saturday to describe what it was like to be attacked on a New York subway.

The young entertainer was with his mother and says they had just got finished with a movie shoot and decided to take the subway home. As they made their way out of the station, things got very scary. 

San Diego's Marcia Villavicencio gets her superpower from the LGBT community

San Diego's Marcia Villavicencio gets her superpower from the LGBT community.

Marcia Villavicencio is getting prepared for the biggest day of her life so far. It's not a birthday milestone or a wedding or even the birth of a child. Marcia is getting commissioned as a Naval officer after 15 years of service and as a first-generation gay American Latina the journey from enlisted member to an officer spans countries and time zones. 

Thrift store opens in Hillcrest benefiting homeless programs

Hillcrest filled one of its empty storefronts on Thursday with a Father Joe's Villages thrift store, and a queue of shoppers eager to get their hands on some slightly used merchandise lined the sidewalk of University Avenue. 

The store will help the homeless population by raising funds for programs and services dedicated to that community. 

Students elect non-gender conforming "royalty" for homecoming

White Station High School in Memphis (WSHS), Tennessee, has bestowed a crown to a member of their homecoming court. Winners are no longer called "king" or "queen," they are instead called "royalty." 

Brandon Allen was coronated this past Friday. Pictures of his chosen regalia, including a long golden gown and diamond-crusted tiara have since gone viral.

First-ever Pride festival headed to Southeast Los Angeles County

A new Pride event is coming to Southern California. The City of South Gate is gearing up to hold their own celebration for the first time in 2020. 

South Gate is located about seven miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.