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LGBT people arrive in Tijuana after breaking away from migrant caravan

Over 70 LGBT people arrived at the San Ysidro border on Sunday.

About 76 LGBT members of an approaching migrant caravan headed for the U.S. arrived in Tijuana on Sunday, They say they had to break off from the larger group because of harassment and bias.

About 3,600 remaining migrants are making their way to seek asylum at the U.S. border and are due to arrive in about 2-3 weeks. 

Marines outline "phallic image" over California

A Marine flew over the Salton Sea and left a penis on the radar.

It what looks like something Maverick from Top Gun would do, the Marine pilot(s) of a T-34C aircraft left something to be desired during a flight pattern this week.

Gay teen asks straight friend to homecoming and it's a viral hit

"Something clicked inside and inspired me to actually ‘ask Erick’"

An Orange County, CA., gay high-schooler asked his straight best friend to homecoming and their story has spread across the internet. 

Alexander Duarte, 17, goes to Santa Ana Valley High School and had been planning on asking his best friend Erick Pineda to the homecoming dance.

Police investigating graffiti against gay CA politician as hate crime

An openly gay Redwood City Council candidate, Jason Galisatus, is not being deterred by what appears to be homophobic hate speech he found spray painted on a fence in front of his apartment on Thursday, Oct. 11. Police are investigating the vandalism as a hate crime. 

Berkeley passes resolution to not serve meat once a week

Cows and other animal based proteins are going to be happy. Berkeley will have an all-vegan day once a week.

Berkeley California is gearing up to go meatless once a week. 

A resolution passed by the city council will require that vegan food be served at city events and meetings once a week according to ABC 7.

Called "Green Monday," the resolution is the first of its kind in the nation to stipulate that people go vegan. 

CA has new law that will support its LGBT senior citizens

Gov. Jerry Brown signs into law AB 2719 that will offer more federal support to CA LGBT seniors.

Governor Jerry Brown has signed  AB 2719 into California law, which broadens the definition of who is eligible to receive federal funding to older individuals to include sexual orientation and gender expression.