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Indianapolis woman killed hours after exposing man on FB Live for being gay

Indianapolis woman killed hours after exposing man on FB Live for being gay.

An Indianapolis woman has died on Tuesday after being shot just hours after going on Facebook Live to expose a man for being gay, having accidentally caught him in a sexual act.

There is no proof that the two incidents are connected. 

Parliament House won't get auctioned off despite rumors says owner

Orlando's world-famous LGBT club Parliament House isn't going anywhere according to owner Don Granatstein.

Rumors have been flying lately that the historic property is going to be auctioned off at the end of the month because of court documents that appeared on the Orange County Clerk of Courts website.

Video captures trans women beating up their harassers inside restaurant

Trans women respond to harassment with fists.

Two trans women took justice into their own hands after being harassed by two male customers at a restaurant according to a YouTube video. 

In the clip, the women are eating peacefully at their table when a man in a green shirt suddenly jumps in to sit next to a blonde woman eating her meal and mocks her in Spanish, "I’d like to sit with a lady.”

Pence speaks at anti-LGBT church gathering

Over the weekend Vice President Mike Pence made a trip to Memphis, Tennessee where he gave a few words at the Holy City Church of God in Christ during their Sunday service.