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Pence speaks at anti-LGBT church gathering

Over the weekend Vice President Mike Pence made a trip to Memphis, Tennessee where he gave a few words at the Holy City Church of God in Christ during their Sunday service. 

Wearing rainbow sweater outside of school gets student expelled

For one student at Whitefield Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, a social media post with a picture of her in front of a "rainbow" cake and rainbow sweater was enough for school administrators to expel her. 

Utah student bullied by homophobic teacher speaks out in interview

Last month a Utah elementary school student named Daniel was asked what he was thankful for by his teacher. When he said he was thankful for being adopted by two dads the educator asked why then proceeded to tell him it wasn't good: “Homosexuality is wrong,” the teacher said, “two men living together is a sin.”

Utah school substitute chides student who's thankful for adoptive gay dads

Utah school substitute chides student who's thankful for two dads

CEDAR HILLS, Utah -- Students at Deerfield Elementary School were asked by their substitute teacher what they were most thankful for and one 11-year-old student had a very special answer. 

“I’m thankful that I’m finally going to be adopted by my two dads."