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First Conference to Educate Counselors of LGBTQI Youth - the Grad Student's Perspective

In this second part of the series, SDGLN reached out to a number of Dr Hatch's grad students to find out what CESCal and the upcoming conference meant to them. Ironically none of the students we spoke to are from the LGBT community themselves, but their love for the program and enthusiasm for what they are doing and the conference itself shined through their answers.

Pride Board reinstates two former board members, other candidates “still being considered”

Former Board members can be reinstated with full voting privileges, but other candidates must wait until the end of a 12-week candidacy period. Said Board Secretary Carl Worrell, “[And Princetta, Karim and I] will not waive the 12-week voting-stay because people like you have bit our ass for waiving bylaws, so we are not going to waive bylaws anymore.”

Mayor announces big savings for city coffers

Mayor Jerry Sanders has announced that the city can save 55% -- roughly $1.5 million a year – by bidding out its Help Desk and desk-top support services to a private company.

DeMaio and volunteers kick off signature gathering effort

City Councilmember Carl DeMaio is kicking off his campaign to pass a ballot measure holding city government accountable for implementing competitive bidding and outsourcing reforms to save taxpayer money.