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Happy Birthday, Nicole Murray-Ramirez!

Happy Birthday, Nicole Murray-Ramirez!

San Diego LGBT News would like to wish a happy birthday to Queen Mother Nicole Murray-Ramirez!

Nicole is a longtime LGBTQ activist who has done so much for not only the San Diego community, but for the international LGBTQ community as well.

He is currently the Queen Mother of the Americas for the International Imperial Court, a role he has held for nearly 15 years.

Nicole has written columns for over 45 years continuosly for local LGBT publications, making him the longest-running columnist in town.

There is so much more to say about Nicole, but we'll just leave it at Happy Birthday!

And how is old Nicole? That's a topic that is not discussed often, but just know he's been around a long time, and we are so glad for all he has done for our community!