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The Eagle in San Francisco granted historic designation

The Eagle in San Francisco granted historic designation

With the Stud closing in 2020 (though currently “alive” in a sort suspended animation) South of Market’s the Eagle becomes the oldest currently operating leather bar in San Francisco. But the Eagle has taken a beating over the last ten years too; the bar announced it would close in 2011, but managed to reopen the next year with some help from then-supervisors Jane Kim and Scott Wiener. Then the landlord put the building up for sale last September, so even when the bar reopened for Pride Weekend, the Eagle’s future was still up in the air. 

It’s less up in the air now. Tuesday night, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors granted the Eagle landmark historical designation status.  

“Today is a remarkable day for our city, the LGBTQ community, and the leather community, in that we will finally be approving the San Francisco Eagle as a landmark,” the measure’s sponsor, supervisor Matt Haney, said Tuesday night. “It is imperative that we acknowledge its significance, and that we endeavor to prevent this rich history and an essential part of the South of Market from being erased due to the destabilizing pressures of ongoing gentrification and development.”

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