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Local drag and trans activists to be honored on Friday evening

Local drag and trans activists to be honored on Friday evening

Friday, July 2 is the birthday of legendary LGBTQ icon Sylvia Rivera who played a major role at the Stonewall Riots in New York.

Rivera considered herself a drag queen, and along with Marsha P. Johnson founded an organization for “transvestites and transexuals” in the 1970s. The transgender leadership and movement have adopted both Rivera and Johnson as trans icons, although they both have been recognized as heroes of the drag and LGBTQ communities for decades.

The International Imperial Courts Council, along with the National LGBTQ Task Force, are leading the national letter writing campaign to get U.S. postage stamps created in honor of Rivera and Johnson, along with Jose Julio Sarria - a World War II veteran, drag queen, entertainer, and in 1961 was the first openly gay candidate to run for public office.

On Friday, Rivera’s birthday is going to be celebrated and honored with events across North America. Here in San Diego, the Sylvia Rivera Birthday Celebration will be held on Friday, July 2 at 7 pm at the Hillcrest Pride Flag Pole (located on Normal Street at University Avenue). The entire community is invited! This local celebration is being sponsored by the Imperial Court de San Diego (which was founded in 1972) and the GLBTQ Historic Task Force of San Diego County. 

At the Friday evening event, a number of local trans and drag queen leaders will be honored. City Council President Pro Tem Stephen Whitburn will be a keynote speaker, and special commendations for the honorees will be provided by Mayor Todd Gloria and San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher.

The 2021 San Diego Drag Queen/King honorees are:

  • Chad Michaels
  • Norma Braxton
  • Glitz Glam
  • Franceska
  • Sister Ida Know
  • Rudy Ramrod
  • Tootie
  • Kickxy Vixen-Styles
  • Fina

The 2021 San Diego trans honorees are:

  • Julia Legaspi
  • Paris Quion
  • Chase Matys-Gleason
  • Deja Re
  • Tracie O’Brien
  • Venice Brooks
  • Jelicia King
  • Connor Maddox
  • Sam Moehlig
  • Sandra Ramirez
  • Isaac Gomez
  • Ryland Whittington

San Diego LGBT News congratulates all of the 2021 honorees and thanks them for their contributions to our community! The Imperial Court and GLBTQ Historic Task Force have stated that this will become an annual affair, also to be held on Marsha P. Johnson’s birthday.

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