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+Life Media responds to Billy Porter speaking out about living with HIV

 +Life Media responds to Billy Porter speaking out about living with HIV

Multi-talented, award-winning actor and artist Billy Porter revealed his HIV+ status today with The Hollywood Reporter. +Life Media, dedicated to eliminating HIV stigma, reacts: 

“Billy Porter’s decision to share his story about living with HIV is immeasurably important. His bravery advances the conversation, moving one step closer to eliminating the stigma related to the disease and informing about the facts such as undetectable equals untransmittable. Most impactfully, Billy is deeply inspirational in showing how one can live a full and rewarding life after a positive diagnosis,” said +Life co-founder Karl Schmid.”

Billy Porter appeared at AIDS 2020 Virtual in partnership with +Life, where he and Schmid discussed topics including how Porter first learned about HIV and how Covid-19 mirrors HIV. Porter specifically called out, “There’s systematic hierarchy that ignores entire groups of people and creates generational poverty, generational health inequality and disparity.”

Karl Schmid, Brent Zacky and Mike Spierer co-created +Life in September 2019 after entertainment reporter Schmid revealed his own HIV+ status, with a mission to destigmatize HIV through insightful interviews, the latest in news and information, candid conversations about sex and health, and first-person accounts of those living with HIV. The platform, featuring discussions with newsmakers and trailblazers including Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Birx, Jonathan Van Ness and Steven Canals, has seen a growth of 111.2% in 2020. Its content now has more than 4 million views and 10 million impressions across its channels. A weekly lifestyle series, “+Life,” airs on ABC’s Localish network, entertaining and inspiring viewers with celebrity interviews, health and wellness tips, and motivational stories of people overcoming obstacles and making an impact in their communities.