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Remembering Brenda Watson

Brenda Watson, a well known trans and LGBTQ activist throughout the San Diego community, passed away earlier this week from complications due to COVID-19. The news of her passing was shared by the North County LGBTQ Resource Center who called Watson one of "North San Diego's historic LGBTQ volunteers & trans sisters. An icon."

Brenda has volunteered for the Center for many years after we opened. She worked hard to support the homeless and those in need in our community. She faced violence for being Trans, family rejection and so many adversity but she continued to give until today when she passed from Covid complication at her senior facility. We love you Brenda, and we will always treasure your work and fight. - North County LGBTQ Resource Center

San Diego LGBT News sends our condolences to Brenda's family, friends, and all who loved her. She will be missed!