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Imperial Court de San Diego to forego electing monarchs in 2021

Imperial Court de San Diego to forego electing monarchs in 2021

Due to impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Imperial Court de San Diego has decided that for the first time in 49 year history, the organization will forego electing monarchs in 2021 and operate under the direction of the board of directors through this year. During this time, the organization will also make plans to celebrate its Golden 50th Anniversary in February 2022. See their letter with further details on this decision.

Greetings from the Board of Directors,

2020 was a very trying year for all of our courts across the realm. The challenges of raising funds and staying in contact with our respective memberships during this pandemic has been a difficult and daunting task for us all. Monarchs in every Court have faced insurmountable challenges with keeping their courts together, staying visible and thriving. We experienced these difficulties firsthand last year while trying to continue with our normal outreach efforts like the Scott Carlson Thanksgiving Dinneer, in which we had to change from a sit-down dinner to a pick-up and go type of operation. To our Christmas toy drive which we usually do in person, changed to a drop-off situation. Also to help struggling families with food shortages due to the pandemic, board member Emperor Darnelle Williams organized and began a weekly food distribution program called "Take What You Need."

After enduring the hardships and witnessing the struggles last year of other monarchs in our courts, we as a board of directors in San Diego have decided that in our 49th year, we (the board) will forgo having monarchs and run the year as a cohesive unit through 2021. We will continue doing the business of the Court such as community outreach, advocacy and continued fundraising, just WITHOUT monarchs. We will take this time to revamp and update our bylaws, rules, regulations, policies and protocols in order to become a new, improved and refreshed court for our Golden 50th anniversary in February 2022.

Our hopes and prayers are that we as a country will get a handle on this virus so that we may not only get back to helping our communities in a greater capacity but also be able once again to gather and fellowship with one another at balls, galas and various fundraising events. As I am sure we have not only all missed seeing one another in person, but we have also missed sporting all our splendid and fabulous jewelery and regalia that we have spent years and countless dollars accumulating. We will be sure to keep you all updated on our plans for our 50th anniversary gala next year. PLEASE plan to join us in February 2022 as we celebrate 50 years of noble deeds in San Diego.


Member of the Board of Directors / The 47th Empress de San Diego / The Ebony Diamond Phoenix EmpressGigi Masters

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