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Todd Gloria poised to win San Diego Mayor's race

Todd Gloria poised to win San Diego Mayor's race

While there are still votes to be counted, State Assemblymember Todd Gloria appears to be heading toward a victory in the San Diego Mayor's race.

As of the County of San Diego Registrar of Voters' latest release of 2:20 am on Nov. 4, Gloria has a 13 percentage point lead taking 56.29% of the vote, over opponent City Councilmember Barbara Bry at 43.71%. The Registrar of Voters says there are still 370,000 ballots waiting to be processed, although those ballots are from voters county-wide so not all of them will include a vote for City of San Diego races.

With the number of votes still waiting to be counted, Bry told KPBS she is not ready to concede.

Gloria, who is 42-years old and openly gay, first served on the San Diego City Council representing Distrct 3 from 2008-2016 before being elected to the California State Assembly. He currently serves as the assemblymember for the 78th district. He is a San Diego native.

The County of San Diego regularly updates election results here.