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Uptown Planners subcommittee to discuss Plan Hillcrest proposal

Uptown Planners subcommittee to discuss Plan Hillcrest proposal

The Uptown Planners invite community members to the first meeting of their Plan Hillcrest Subcomittee this Thursday, Oct. 29 at 6 pm. The subcomittee was organized to provide input into the Hillcrest focused amendment to the Uptown Community Plan, through a project called Plan Hillcrest

From the Plan Hillcrest website:

Building on the Uptown Community Plan policy framework, Plan Hillcrest will address housing and development strategies intended to strengthen the business district and bring neighborhood benefits where needed most. The neighborhood’s unique LGBTQ+ history and culture define an identity as a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds, and contribute to its draw as a place.With a growing housing crisis and a changing climate, more is needed to address housing costs, enhance access, use of transit, and provide public spaces for all to use. Plan Hillcrest will address place-making, connectivity, housing, and the neighborhood’s unique identity to ensure Hillcrest thrives into the future.

The plan includes a number of steps including community input and environmental review leading up to the approval process, scheduled for 2022. 

Plan Hillcrest will include opportunities for public input. In addition to regular meetings with Uptown Planners and their Subcommittee, public workshops, pop-up outreach events and online engagement activities will allow for a variety of public input opportunities throughout the planning process. The community engagement effort will help inform the land use, mobility, and public space concepts that will be incorporated as a Focused Plan Amendment to the Uptown Community Plan.

The meeting will take place on Zoom. The full agenda and Zoom log-in instructions can be found here.