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City of San Diego 2020 Redistricting Commission members appointed

City of San Diego 2020 Redistricting Commission

The Appointing Authority for the City of San Diego's Redistricting Commission met virtually on Wednesday, Sept. 23 and again on Friday, Sept. 25 to select nine members and two alternates to the 2020 Redistricting Commission. The commissioners were selected by a panel of 3 retired judges - the Hon. Jan Goldsmith, Hon. Margaret Johnson, and Hon. Louisa Porter. Goldsmith served as San Diego city attorney from 2008 to 2016.

The Redistricting Commission is tasked with making sure the city’s nine council districts are balanced by population and reflect recent demographic changes following the 2020 Census.

After a long two days of testimony by the 103 applicants, followed by public testimony, the following individuals were selected to make up the commission. One commissioner was selected from each of the city's 9 council districts, plus two alternates.

Valentine S. Hoy, District 1

Fredrick W. Kosmo, Jr., District 2

William Roy MacPhail, District 3

Kenneth Malbrough, District 4

Alan Nevin, District 5

Normita "Mitz" Lee, District 6

Justine Nelson, District 7

Monica Hernandez, District 8

Thomas Hebrank, District 9

The alternates for the Redistricting Commission are:

Kristen G. Roberts, District 2

Maria G. Lozano-Diaz, District 4

Two members of the LGBTQ community will be represented on the Commission.