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Applications for City of San Diego Redistricting Commission seats now open

Applications for City of San Diego Redistricting Commission seats now open

The City of San Diego has opened up applications for seats on the Redistricting Committee, a body that comes together every ten years and plays a crucial role in drawing the city council boundary lines. Applications opened May 1 and can be submitted through June 30.

Redistricting is the process of redrawing the City Council district boundaries every 10 years following the Federal Decennial Census. The redrawing of district boundaries is designed to ensure that local legislatures are representative of the City’s population. How and where districts are drawn can shape a community’s ability to elect the representative of their choice. The districts are used for all elections of City Council members, including their recall, and for filling any vacancy in a City Council office.

The San Diego City Charter requires the creation of a Redistricting Commission at the beginning of each decade. It has the sole and exclusive authority to adopt plans which specify the boundaries of districts for the City Council. The Commission consists of nine registered voters of the City of San Diego, as stated in City Charter section 5.1.

Any registered voter of the City of San Diego who would like to be considered for an appointment to the Redistricting Commission should submit the Redistricting Commission Application during the nomination period, May 1 - June 30, 2020.