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Imperial Court System to honor mask sewers

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Members of the Imperial Court Council at the organization's 50th anniversary celebration.

The International Imperial Court System has launched the International Betsy Ross Citation to honor individuals and organizations who have given of their time to sew masks and other personal protective equipment for use by the public and medical professionals.

The new award was announced last week by Queen Mother of the Americas Nicole Murray-Ramirez and will be given out to a number of individuals and organizations based on nominations received. 

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, many community members in need have not been able to access face coverings which are now required in many jurisidications, and some medical professionals have inadequate supplies of personal protective equipment due to precautions being taken to protect themselves and patients. The work of numerous community volunteers who have sewn and distributed masks have helped bridge the gap over the last several weeks.

The International Imperial Court System, also known as the International Court System, is one of the oldest and largest LGBT organizations in the world. The system is the network that provides guidance to local chapters of the Imperial Court, including the Imperial Court de San Diego (ICSD). Locally, ICSD jumped in to provide support in the form of $50 grocery store cards to LGBTQ community members who found themselves out of work at the very beginning of the shutdown orders, especially bar, restaurant, and nightlife industry workers.

Those who wish to submit a nomination for honor in the form of a Betsy Ross Citation should contact Queen Mother of the Americas Nicole Murray-Ramirez at nicolemrsd1@gmail.com or by mail at PO Box 33915, San Diego, CA  92163. Nominees can live anywhere in the United States.