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Uber still hasn't apologized to gay couple for driver's behavior, so dads started a petition

Uber still hasn't apologized to gay couple for driver's behavior, so they create petition.
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James Moed and his husband Damien Hughes aren't letting Uber off easy after they visited San Diego late last month and their driver called police on them saying that they had essentially kidnapped their infant. 

"On Jan 29 at 1:30 AM my husband and I were woken up by armed San Diego police officers knocking on our hotel room door, demanding our IDs and that of our toddler," Moed writes. "The Uber driver who dropped us at the hotel had reported us on suspicion of child trafficking - the same driver who had told us our crying baby needed his mother, and didn’t back down when we tried to explain that our son has two dads."

But according to the couple, Uber has yet to respond to the situation properly (only refunding them $10) so the parents have created a petition with All Out in an effort to get Uber to educate, or offer proof that their drivers are trained on the needs of LGBTQ people and families. 

Moed says the ride-sharing giant often sponsors Pride events too, so they should be held accountable for their drivers and what they expect from them as far as sensitivity and diversity. 

"Uber needs to know that if they are not interested in protecting our lives, they don’t deserve to march with us," Moed wrote in an email to SDGLN.  

The petition already has 304 signatures, they are looking to get at least 500. 

The couple says they are demanding an apology from the driver and assurance from Uber that their experience won't happen to other families.

"We repeatedly asked Uber for an apology from the driver and proof that the company is training its drivers to respect LGBTQ people and our families," Moed writes on the petition page. "Instead, Uber sent us a 10 dollar refund and referred us to its legal department’s Community Guidelines.San Diego Police were very professional according to Moed but in another city, the situation may have had a much different outcome."

You can sign the petition HERE

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