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Indianapolis woman killed hours after exposing man on FB Live for being gay

Indianapolis woman killed hours after exposing man on FB Live for being gay.
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An Indianapolis woman has died on Tuesday after being shot just hours after going on Facebook Live to expose a man for being gay, having accidentally caught him in a sexual act.

There is no proof that the two incidents are connected. 

The woman who has been identified as Jane Waughfield took to social media for a now-deleted 17-minute (NSFW) rant,  following an incident where she says she and another man were conducting business. According to her own words, she left but forgot her phone. 

Upon returning to retrieve her phone and going through an unlocked door, she witnessed the man having sex with another man. 

Waughfield who appears to be homophobic in her assessment also said she extorted money from the man, asking for "five bands" to keep her silence. 

Failed attempts to get him to send her money is apparently what initiated the Facebook Live. 

Throughout her diatribe, she constantly says she fears for her life and if something were to happen to her, the man she was extorting should be blamed. 

About two hours later, Waughfield was shot and involved in a subsequent multi-car collision.

Police say they heard gunshots just before the crash.

They say the woman in the car, who they identified as Waughfield was taken to the hospital where she died.

This is a developing story. 

The NSFW video can be viewed HERE