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SD Uber driver calls police on gay dads, child "needed his mother"

Last Wednesday a gay couple visiting San Diego were shocked when police knocked on their Marriott Marina hotel room door in the early hours.

According to Towleroad one of the dads, James Moed, says the incident happened on January 29 after an Uber ride.

“It turns out the Uber driver who had taken us to the hotel had called the cops — accusing us of.. child trafficking? endangerment?” Moed wrote on Twitter. “The same @Uber driver who told us our crying baby needed his mother, and didn’t back down when we tried to explain that our son has 2 dads.”

The whole ordeal was so stressful that the couple couldn't sleep the rest of the night and all they could think about was their security. 

“Where can my #queerfamily travel safely?” Moed wrote.

According to the story, the SDPD were very agreeable towards the men and the couple was able to produce their son's passport.

Moed wanted to make sure Uber was aware of the situation and insisted that the company show proof that they "keep #LGBTQ riders safe from homophobic drivers.”

Uber issued a refund and eventually talked to Moed over the phone. He asked that the driver apologize and that Uber confirm that they have an LGBTQ sensitivity training program.

As of yesterday Moed was still “Awaiting response."

The Twitter story can be found HERE