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Buttigieg supporter asks for caucus vote back after she finds out he's gay

Buttigieg supporter asked for vote back after she finds out he's gay.
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Rob Beschizza - YouTube

As if the Iowa caucuses couldn't get more confusing, one democratic voter just found out Mayor Pete Buttigieg is gay and wanted her vote card back. 

In a social media video that has gone viral, a woman attending the Iowa caucus on Monday seemed happy to throw her support behind Buttigieg who hasn't exactly made his sexual orientation a part of his platform but has always made clear he's in love with his husband. 

Unfortunately, the lady, clad in Buttigieg buttons and ribbons, didn't get that memo and when she found out wanted to recast it. 

 According to The Advocate the voter asked precinct captain Nikki van den Heever, “Are you saying that he has the same-sex partner? Pete?”  

“Are you kidding?” the voter adds. “I don’t want anybody like that in the White House. So can I have my card back?”

Unsure if the signed card could be returned Van den Heever again tried to explain that her vote shouldn't hinder on Buttigieg's sexual orientation, “The whole point of it is, though, he’s a human being, right? Just like you and me and it shouldn’t really matter."

The voter then referenced the Good Book. “Well, he better read the Bible,” she answered.

In response, Van der Heever says, “He does, and he says that God doesn’t choose a political party because…”

The voter laid another question on her, “Why does it say in the Bible that a man should marry a woman then?”  

“Well, I totally respect your viewpoint on this, I so totally do, but I think that we were not around when the Bible was written,” van den Heever replied. 

“How come this is never been brought out before?” the woman said, although she admits to not having paid much attention to his historic campaign.

Ever persistent, van den Heever tells the woman that it shouldn't matter whether the candidate is male, female, heterosexual or homosexual.

"It just went right down the toilet," the voter says. "Is where it all just went."

Trying an empathetic approach van den Heever appeals to the woman saying she is also a Christian. 

"Well, you know what the Bible says," the voter states and van den Heever agrees, but the voter stands firm. "Then you must not believe it then if you think it's okay for somebody to be married to a same-sex person." 

"And what I teach my son is that I love is love," van den Heever says. "And we're all human beings." 

Watch the interaction below.