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Ryan Bedrosian becomes new owner of Rich's Nightclub

Ryan Bedrosian becomes new owner of Rich's Nightclub.

The building that now houses Rich's Nightclub has come a long way since it's humble beginnings as a warehouse on University Avenue in Hillcrest in 1960, but there's no denying it has always been an exciting landmark full of fun people, music and entertainment.

Whether it be the music club called Mickie Finn's that flourished throughout the 60s or the hotspot it is today, Rich's has always captured the spirit of the generation making it one of Hillcrest's most dynamic landmarks.

On January 6, 2020, at Rich's holiday party, the club made local history again as owner Nicholas Moede, who has maintained it since 2005, ceremoniously handed over the keys to its new owner, Ryan Bedrosian. 

Bedrosian has been Rich's general manager for years. He has run the nightclub since Moede appointed him general manager in 2008.

Although Bedrosian will continue on as general manager for the time being, Leonela Martin will assist him in that role. 

Visitors from around the world come to Hillcrest to take in the distinguishable energy that has defined Rich's for nearly three decades. From its two large rooms--each with its own DJ, bar and dancefloor--to its huge LED screen that brings the high-energy music to life.

The club can take on a dream-like effect too with smoke and lighting effects set in time to the recently upgraded sound system, especially if it's a themed night like the popular WTF? parties or a rollicking holiday event. 

"I can't imagine anyone better suited to the role than Ryan," said SDPIX publisher and event producer Johnathan Hale. "Nicholas transformed the club into what it is today and I'm confident Ryan will continue that legacy for many years to come."  

Rich’s San Diego is located in the heart of Hillcrest at 1051 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92103.

They are open from 10 pm to 2 am Wednesday through Sunday with occasional special themed after-hours events until 4 am.