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Drag performer shoves stage-blocking audience member off stage in viral video

Drag performer shoves stage-blocking audience member off stage.
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Screengrab - Twitter

A viral video of London drag performer Cara Melle pushing an audience member off stage has pricked up the ears, and opinions, of social media. 

Those feelings range from supportive comments to ones that criticize Ms. Melle for assault.

During a brunch event, Cara was singing the holiday standard "All I Want for Christmas," by Mariah Carey.

In the video, you see a very spirited audience member roadblock Cara on-stage as the performer is strutting through her routine. The drag queen then shoves the patron off the platform with some force as audience members look on in shock. 

Twitter became a hotbed of criticism, but thoughts were divided. 

"Controversial opinion: that woman deserved the push," wrote Ross Alan, "you DO NOT get on a performers stage when they are performing. you wouldn't do it at the opera or at a dance show, you don't do it when a queen is performing. period. you get on the stage, you deal with the consequences."

HoustonJase didn't agree: "That push was way too much. I wish I could say that about her performance. It doesn't matter if it was her salad bar (*ahem* stage), create a bolder move by guiding her down and reading her afterwards. From the looks of the moves, we wouldn't have missed much."

Ru Paul's Drag Race UK star Sum Ting Wong responded to one follower who wanted to know the full story.

"The full story is that she is not allowed on the stage when a queen is doing a number," Wong answered. 

 Cara Melle unapologetically answered to her critics in an Instagram post

“To everyone that is commenting harshly on this video … I apologized to this woman and I did not mean to push her that hard. She was informed beforehand to not get in the way of the performer. She did anyway. She got in the way of me, and I meant to push her out of the way but I ended up shoving her. I apologized to her, we took photos after, she is fine. She had a great time, she got two bottles of Prosecco to go home with! She had a fabulous time, we took pictures together, we kiki’ed and I felt horribly for it. Honestly, it ate me up that entire night.”

Cara added, “The fact that friends have decided to come for me this hard … bitch, I don’t need your gig, bye!”

You can watch the video HERE