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Florida man abandons young son on roadside, suspecting he might be gay

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Haynes City, Florida police have arrested a man after he allegedly put his son on the side of the road and left him there, suspecting he might be gay. 

Evenaud Julmeus,30, was charged with three counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm.

Queerty reports the unnamed child was found crying outside the closed police department building this past Sunday with only a small duffle bag filled with some clothes. He had no water or food.

When questioned, the youth said his dad caught him “watching male pornography” on a phone. After that, the father instructed him to pack his bags because he was turning him over to the police and they could find him a new place to live.

But reports say Julmeus abandoned the child on the side of Highway 27 close to the station without a cell phone. Police found him “upset and crying” around 9:20 pm. 

A witness saw what happened and called law enforcement. Police say they caught Julmenus and arrested him after he fled his house. Julmeus left two other children at home unattended. 

The young boy was reunited with his mom who was looking for him following Julmeus' actions.