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Straight Pride in Dallas attended by only three supporters

Photo credit:
Soraya - Twitter

Dallas Texas was the site of a Straight Pride event over the weekend, but only three supporters showed up and two were from Boston according to the LGBT publication Dallas Voice

It happened at Dallas City Hall Plaza on November 16. One of the supporters saying he was kicked out of his house as a teenager and "fired from his job because he was straight."

The anti-LGBT group Super Happy Fun America was supposed to send in some of its members to Dallas, but that didn't seem to happen leaving more counterprotesters than supporters; some of them trans. 

“We know there are only two genders.” said one of the Straight Pride attendees, addressing the crowd, “I’m part of the oppressed majority.”

Local police were on hand but only had to intervene once when two protestors got close to the Straight Pride attendees. 

The insignificant turnout might be attributed to the $12,000 in permit fees the city charges for gatherings on the property. This is a standard fee charged to any group that would like to use the municipal grounds as a gathering place.

The Straight Pride Parade movement hasn't gained any footing with the public or even within its own group. As reported over and over again, counterprotesters constantly outnumber supporters in these events. 

Both Boston and California made headlines with their Straight Pride parades this year, both were busts, but Boston was left with 36 arrests and four injuries after their event.

No injuries were reported at the Dallas event.