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Gay teen's slap against name-caller goes viral

Gay teen slaps bully in viral video.
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Jordan Steffy has become an LGBT celebrity of sorts over the past weekend. The teen was captured on video standing up to a bully who continued to call him homophobic epithets.

In the video Jordan appears to be being harassed by another student when finally he's had enough.

“Call me a f*g one more f***ing time and I’m gonna pop your ass,” Jordan warns, and then he does with a slap made from the force of Harvey Milk, as one social media user quipped. Social media responded with accolades and the cli[p has since gone viral.  “I’m motherf***in’ done with you," Jordan yells before he connects to the other student's face. 

Before things can get heated further, an adult breaks up the fight amid student bystanders who had yet to intervene. 

The incident reportedly happened at a high school in La Porte, Indiana.

Ever since the seventh grade when Jordan came out he has been bullied by kids. “It was years and years, over and built up,” he said later. 

Supporters were quick to praise Jordan on the web, his social media pages are beaming with approval because he stuck up for himself. For that he is grateful. 

“I honestly was just looking for an apology but he acted like it was no big deal and that has been the word to define me since 2nd grade,” he explained. “I don’t fight really… I wanted him and others to know I was done with the constant hating comments that were made towards me constantly.”

Jordan adds that he's finally had enough of the name-calling and bullying. 

“I am taking it as a lesson to not be anyone’s doormat and to leave your shoes at the door," he said. Still, don't refer to him as a hero.

“I can’t be found any better than any person just because I stuck up for myself. I want other kids who are going through the same thing day in to day out from friends, classmates, random people to stick up for themselves and to better them for them and to have confidence.”

If you are experiencing bullying at school, TrevorSpace is a social networking site for LGBT youth ages 13 through 24 and their friends and allies. They also have resources for gay youth who want to speak more about overcoming bullies who target them. 

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