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Three gay men attacked in Boston outside popular drag club

Three gay men attacked in Boston outside popular drag club.
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Bing Streetside

A popular drag show in Boston has been put on hiatus after three men say they were attacked outside the venue following a show last Friday night. 

The show, called Fascination, has played at the drag bar Jacque’s Cabaret twice a week, and until now there have been no incidents. In fact, the show's organizer says the attackers were not a problem inside the club, it was when they got outside that the trouble began. 

The victims say the beating was a hate crime.

“The group was shouting homophobic slurs while they punched and kicked one of the victims on the ground before putting him into a chokehold," said one victim. "The victims will be pursuing this as a homophobic hate crime.  What we were always scared of happening to us has finally happened.”

Michael Flowers, Fascination’s co-developer had this to say about the incident on social media:

“Last night, Michael Flowers, one of the Fascination organizers, and two other queer attendees of Fascination were physically assaulted by a group of straight men outside of Jacques around 12:15 am. The men were attending the show upstairs and used anti-gay epithets, including the word f****t during the assault. All three of the individuals assaulted are comfortable acknowledging this as a hate crime influenced by their identities and presentations as queer people. All three of individuals assaulted are currently safe and have support systems with which they are able to unpack the trauma associated with the event.”

Flowers says he's pulling the show from the club for safety reasons. 

“Fascination will no longer be happening at Jacques Cabaret as the events of last night have revealed the venue to be an unsafe space for our queer patrons,” Flowers added. “The event is currently on hiatus and will resume once we are able to find an alternative venue. We will keep the community posted through our usual social media channels and through our website, fascinationboston.net. Thank you to everyone for their continued support of the night and we will keep you posted very soon about our next steps.”

According to the show's website, Fascination, "is a gear/ fetish/ kink night downstairs in the basement of Jacques Cabaret from 9 pm to midnight every first and fourth Friday of the month. DJ Colby Drasher is our resident DJ and spins techno, tech/deep house, electronica and other dark and sexy grooves."