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New Hillcrest gay bar Tin Room will bring everything from Texas that makes it "world famous"

New Hillcrest gay bar Tin Room will bring everything from Texas that makes them "world famous."
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Tin Room Dallas, TX

A little bit of the gay, crazy Texas nightlife is heading to Hillcrest as the World Famous Tin Room is taking up a permanent residence on Fifth Avenue this December. The news broke this week about the opening and the new owner, LGBT ally Lonzie Hershner and his wife, along with his staff took to social media in celebration of their cross-country journey. 

"To all our loyal customers (our real family) that have already booked your trips to come support us and all the ones who can't make the trip, but are here cheering us on, just really has meant the world to us," Lonzie wrote showing off the new keys. 

The original Tin Room will still remain open in its Dallas location. This Southern California venture is moving into 3683 Fifth Avenue, formerly known as The Brew Project and then Project Brew. 

Although details about the new Tin Room are a bit sparse, we talked to Lonzie about what he plans to do with the bar and what it means to be in San Diego. 

The notion to move to America's Finest City was actually born from a family trip to the San Diego Zoo not too long ago. Lonzie says his wife had always wanted to visit the revered attraction and once they got to San Diego, "we just fell in love with it." 

There is no shortage of nightlife in Hillcrest, from Rich's to Urban Mo's to Flicks and many others, the gayborhood caters to its own, and so far people seem happy with it. 

We asked Lonzie what will be unique about what he calls the "100% LGBT" World Famous Tin Room. 

"It's hard to really say what makes us stand out other than an amazing staff and even more amazing loyal customers," he says. "We just love to have fun and create a fun atmosphere." 

In Texas, the club is renowned for it scantily clad go go boys --up to 60 of them--who titillate customers all night long. The "famous" moniker comes from an article that ran in a worldwide LGBT publication. 

"Well it kind of started when Out magazine named us one of the top 50 gay bars in the world," Lonzie explains.  "So I ran with it and it seemed to really catch on.  We also have people (eight that I know for sure) who come from all over to vacation in Dallas for a week just to party at the Tin Room."

But will all the sexy men (examples at left) make the treck from the Lone Star state to Hillcrest? 

"Yes, we are well known for lots of shirtless sexy men for eye candy," he says. "We have several from Texas who will be coming in monthly to work."

Good ole Texas grub will also be served at the new Tin Room, and a drag brunch is planned with both Texan and local queen hired hosts.

The Tin Room San Diego will also be family-friendly says Lonzie. People of all ages will be able to enjoy the venue up until 9 pm. 

Lonzie says he has a personal message to Hillcrest before his arrival. 

"We are all very excited to become apart of such a beautiful community," he says. "I want to really become a positive part of it. I am president of the Dallas Tavern Guild and president of Dallas Pride as well here in Dallas. First straight man to hold both positions. So I hope to also be a part of San Diego Pride as well."

"San Diego won our hearts over," he laughs, "now we hope to win y'alls!"

As for having an actual tin room in the new San Diego club, Lonzie isn't giving anything away. You'll have to wait and see for yourself. 

If all goes as planned The World Famous Tin Room is scheduled to open on Dec. 6, 2019.