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Desmond is Amazing says he was attacked in NY subway

Desmond is Amazing was attacked by an angry critic in NY City subway station.
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Desmond is Amazing - Facebook

Tween drag superstar Desmond is Amazing took to social media and YouTube on Saturday to describe what it was like to be attacked on a New York subway.

The young entertainer was with his mother and says they had just got finished with a movie shoot and decided to take the subway home. As they made their way out of the station, things got very scary. 

"Basically, a man followed us into an elevator from the L train subway platform at Union Square and started yelling all kinds of things at us and he was bunching his fists up at us and trying push and come at us," Desmond says in the Facebook post. "My mom was shielding me and defending me. He looked me dead in the eyes and said I was disgusting. My mom said it was none of his business and he said 'oh yes it is my business!' It was scary because he followed us for awhile in the station when we got out of the elevator but then he left once he saw we were headed towards where the police station is."

His mother Wendy filed a police report on the incident. But Desmond, although still shaken, has something else to say. He is concerned and angry about the constant assault on his integrity and artistic expression.

He says people continue to make things up about his life and keep posting them on the internet, something he thinks inspired his assailant to attack him and his mother on the subway.

Desmond says when people post negative things, it does nothing but hurt him. "Like, what kind of people want to hurt a kid? I'm not hurting anyone. I'm just out here trying to do good things for other kids and my community and I have haters who come at me and call me disgusting to my face."

We talked to Desmond's mom and she says they are okay, but people should stop trying to get famous on her son's coattails. 

"It's so exhausting," she said. "People just use Desmond. They come up with the most shocking and slanderous things to say in order to get clicks and views and make money off of him. It's gross."

Desmond is exhausted from all the hate too. 

"I'm just really mad about this right now," he said in his Facebook post. "I'm so tired of the Lies-a-Minnelli! So I grabbed an index card from my backpack and made a list of all the things that I am upset about and put them in this video to share my experiences and opinions about my life and my haters."

He adds. "I also just want to say that I love all of my fans, the Amazies, for being there for me everyday and for following my journey."