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Newly unveiled Hillcrest wayfinder kiosks point visitors to local landmarks

Finding your way around Hillcrest just got a little bit easier as new wayfinder kiosks were unveiled Tuesday night at the Re-Imagine Normal Street event at Pride plaza. 

These colorful neighborhood info-sentinals stand in various areas around Hillcrest to provide visitors with a visual guide to its more notable landmarks such as the DMV, The Farmers Market, Pride Plaza and MTS bus depot. 

The new signposts were created from local parking meter funds and are a part of the “Access Hillcrest” project designed by the Uptown Community Parking District to help people access parking, direct them to other transportation modes and landmarks in and around the historic district.

Hillcrest is going to undergo some changes on Normal Street at University Ave. as development gets started for the Normal Street Promenade project which will transform that area into a transit-oriented plaza and pedestrian public square. 

At a cost of about $1.8 million in improvements, the project hopes to create additional parking and mobility enhancements.