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Police treating Dallas trans shooting as hate crime, ask for public's help

Police treating Dallas trans shooting as hate crime, ask for public's help.
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Dallas police are asking for the public's help in finding a suspect who they believe shot a transgender woman. They are treating the case as a hate crime. 

It happened on Friday in a residential area on the city's northwest region along a four-lane road. 

According to a police report, at about 11 pm the suspect, described as Latino, driving a late-model red four-door Chevy pickup with large rims "pulled alongside the victim, yelled a number of slurs regarding her gender identity" then shot the victim multiple times hitting her in the chest and arms. 

Police were not able to determine how many times the seriously injured woman was shot.

A photo and video (see left and below) taken from a surveillance camera were released to the public to help law enforcement solve the case.

This incident is only one in a rash of crimes against trans women that have taken place in the Dallas LGBT community.

Texas is one of 13 states which recognize sexual orientation as a basis for a hate crime, but not gender identity.

State Rep. Garnet Coleman has been trying to get trans protections added to Texas' hate crime law.

The Human Rights Campaign reports that there have been 19 transgender people to die violently in the United States this year.

The majority of those deaths are women of color.