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Seattle gets a coffee house that serves beefcake too

Seattle gets a coffee house that serves beefcake too.
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Dreamboyz Espresso - Instagram

You've heard of Magic Mike, how about Magic Morning Joe? That seems to be the concept behind Seattle's latest coffee innovation; a walk-up coffee hut with a sign out front which reads: "Hot Guys Serving Hot Coffee."

Dreamboyz Espresso replaced another coffee service concept known as bikini baristas in the same location. That model failed, some speculate because Capitol Hill is considered a "gayborhood" or a section of town with a high density of LGBT people. Although that can't be proven, people did take notice when shirtless baristas Ja'Shaun Williams and Brandon Peters opened shop on Sept. 13. 

"I saw a hunky guy in there,” Jacob Haeger, a local told KIRO. “There was a topless guy sitting in there with swollen pecs and what not." 

But the novelty isn't the only thing worth savoring about the coffeehouse says Williams, the service is great too. "It is not just shirtless men," he said. "We make good drinks too."

His equally sinewy co-worker says the idea is fresh and takes it to the next level, in fact, he had a similar concept in mind before he came to Dreamboyz. 

"I wanted to create my own company called Bro-kini Espresso, but then they made this one," said Williams. "I saw this advertisement on one of the female barista pages, and that they were hiring male baristas so I had to try it."

Washington has had some issues with semi-clad staffed coffeehouses especially ones where women in bikinis serve guests. In 2009 local police charged female employees with prostitution and indecent exposure which has led to court cases and appeals. Today either side refuses to back down. This past August the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a previous ruling that had blocked the city from enforcing the ban.

Dreamboyz Espresso is already becoming a head-turner and the community seems totally on board with the business. 

“Everyone's been very appropriate and respectful. I appreciate it, I love it,” Williams said.