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NC high school students walk out, rebel against trans-inclusive policy

NC High School students walk out, rebel against trans-inclusive policy.
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Students who were not happy with a trans-inclusive bathroom policy walked out of their classrooms at North Carolina's North Buncombe High School on Monday. 

“I don’t feel safe going to school at all,” said BCHS Junior Sylvia Gardner. “I wanted to get out of school for this.”

She added: “All they have to do is pretty much say they identify as a girl if they want and just walk in there."

Gardner is one of the many students who are protesting a Gender Support Guideline that the school adopted back in 2017. 

But Buncombe County Schools officials are sticking to the inclusive plan and say it's not as disorganized as some may think. 

“Our policy looks at it on a case-by-case basis through an interview process to look at what can we do to provide support for that student as well as make sure they are in a safe secure learning environment,” said Buncombe County Schools Student Services Director David Thompson. 

One parent says she supports the regulation, but there should also be support for those who aren't trans. 

“I agree they should feel safe, I agree whatever their choice their family deserves the same kind of support as any other child in that school,” said Michele Dillingham. “However, what I would like to see moving forward is seven pages supporting my non-transgender child.”

Buncombe County Schools Superintendent Tony Baldwin says he wants to hear all sides of the issue and invites dialogue between students.