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Las Vegas LGBTQ Center hit with homophobic graffiti

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The LGBTQ Center of Southern Nevada

The Las Vegas LGBTQ center in downtown Las Vegas was vandalized with a homophobic epithet this week, the incident comes just three months after a tree outside the building was set ablaze by an arsonist according to KLAS.

In a Facebook post, The LGBTQ Center of Southern Nevada published a picture of the entrance with the word "F*g" spray-painted in black on its doors. 

Workers arrived at the building on Thursday morning and found the graffiti. 

"We woke up today like any other day, but on this day we’re met with a reminder as to why we are still needed," they wrote. "The second act of vandalism to our Center in three months. Hatred will not stop us, it shows us more and more that we need to stand taller, shout louder and love harder. We are The Center,"

The June incident involved a palm tree which someone purposely set on fire, the building escaped damage. 

The fire department continues their investigation into the tree fire as the local police department probe into the spray-painting incident.