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Trans woman reportedly beaten for using ladies' room

Trans woman reportedly beaten for using ladies' room.
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Law enforcement officials in Newport Oregon have arrested a man who reportedly beat up a trans woman, leaving her with a broken jaw. 

It happened on August 24, the victim, Lauren Jackson, was at Agate Beach State Park and needed to use the bathroom. 

According to KATU 2, Jackson entered the bathroom and was noticed by another woman. That woman happened to tell her travel companion, Fred Costanza, what she saw. 

Costanza then beat up Jackson, pulling her hair and punching her in the face "more than ten times," according to witnesses. 

The force of the attack left Jackson with several jaw fractures and the possibility of having to undergo reconstructive surgery. 

Giving her side of the story to the grand jury on Thursday, Jackson supporters rallied outside the courthouse and spoke to the media. 

"The message has gotten through to her (Jackson), this show of local support, and she's really grateful for it," said Lincoln County Commissioner Claire Hall.

Costanza, who could be facing hate crime charges, is being held on $140,000 bail.